Compliance Committee


The Compliance Committee’s role is to set out Halal-standards for the HAC on the basis of the religious rulings pertaining to permissibility of consumption. The Committee is comprised of learned scholars as well as professionals with scientific and technical backgrounds and regularly reviews, monitors and continuously seeks to improve HAC’s standards. 

  • Ash Sheikh M. M. M. Murshid (Head of Compliance Committee)
  • Ash Sheikh M. M. A. Mubarak
  • Ash Sheikh M. L. M. Ilyas
  • Ash Sheikh Mufthi K. H. M. A. Mafaz
  • Ash Sheikh M. M. Zafeer
  • Ash Sheikh M. Akram Nooramith
  • Ash Sheikh M. A. A. Hairoos
  • Ash Sheikh M. Abdullah
  • Ash Sheikh Insaf Mashood