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Bread Compound
biscuit dough fat
Premium Cake Margarine
R.B.D Palm Olein
Pan Lubricant
Koththu Mix
Icing Sugar
Cake, Bun and Savory Mix
Coconut Spread
Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS)
General Purpose Cake Margarine
Cup Cake Margarine
Pastry Margarine
Bun Compound
Vegetable Ghee
Corn Oil
Creaming Margarine
Cooking Oil
Physically Refined Coconut Oil
Refined Sunflower Oil
Refined Soya bean Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil
White Coconut Oil
Vegetable Oil
Refined Bleached Deodorize Palm Oil (RBDPO)
Cake Margarine
Croissent Margarine
Vegetable Shortening
Super Volume
RBD Palm Oil
Fat Spread