UAE lifts ban on chicken, eggs imports from Sri Lanka

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has lifted the ban previously imposed on import of chicken and eggs from Sri Lanka.

The blanket ban by UAE had covered Asian countries including Sri Lanka with regard to export of chicken meat and eggs due to Notifiable Avian Influenza (NAI).

The breakthrough of ban being lifted follows Sri Lanka making a presentation to the Animal and Agricultural Affairs of the UAE Ministry of Water and Environment to lift the ban as Sri Lanka is now free on Avian Influenza and Sri Lankan companies wish to export chicken and eggs to the UAE market.

The Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce took up the matter through Sri Lanka Consulate General in Dubai and submitted all necessary documents with the support of Department of Animal Production and Health, Peradeniya and the Industry stakeholders to UAE authorities to proof that Sri Lanka is now free of Avian Influenza.

The Sri Lanka Consulate in Dubai made a representation to the UAE Ministry of Water and Environment in Dubai and Abdul Raheem, Consul General of Sri Lanka in Dubai along with industry stakeholders (Bairaha Farms PLC) met Engineer Safi Mohammed Al Shara, Under Secretary, Animal and Agricultural Affairs of the Ministry of Water and Environment last year.

All necessary documentation to prove that Sri Lanka is now free of Avian Influenza was submitted through the UAE Foreign Ministry by the Sri Lanka Mission in Dubai.

“Since the blanket ban on Asian countries was imposed by UAE, it took sometimes for UAE authorities to examine the Sri Lankan situation and I am pleased that UAE has now informed that they are lifting ban on Sri Lanka’s export of chicken meat and eggs to the UAE Market,” Raheem said yesterday.

He mentioned that Sri Lanka was the first country that UAE Government has lifted the ban among the other Asian countries.

Raheem also said that although the ban has been lifted by UAE authority, Sri Lanka has now to fulfil other requirements such as general requirements for Halal certification bodies in Sri Lanka, animal slaughtering requirements according to Islamic Law and hygienic regulations for poultry processing abattoirs and their personnel before exporting Sri Lanka products to UAE market.

However, export of table eggs can be shipped with immediate effect and the chicken meat and the processed chicken products has to meet the above requirements before shipping from Sri Lanka.

Raheem said that those regulations formalities will be sent to Sri Lankan authorities and necessary procedure and the documental requirements will be submitted through the diplomatic channel to the UAE authorities.

He said that the above matter was discussed with stakeholders in Sri Lanka and the industry stakeholders has come forward to voluntarily facilitate with the Sri Lankan authorities as poultry industry has now become a fast-developed sector including rural areas in Sri Lanka.

Raheem said if Sri Lankan chicken meat products can find the market in UAE, there is a strong possibility that products will automatically penetrate into other GCC markets. He appreciated the UAE Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Water and Environment for the cooperation extended to Sri Lanka on lifting the ban.



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