What can possibly be non Halal in yogurt?

Almost all yogurt has gelatin or a stabiliser which can be derived from non Halal sources such as pig.

How can fruit drinks be not Halal?

Most of the fruit drinks we drink is not 100% natural, additives such as flavourings and stabilisers can be from non halal sources. For example the famous red colouring (E120) is derived from squashing insects.

How will HAC counter various pressure group allegations?

We as a professional entity, while respecting the freedom of expression of any citizen, as a corporate policy we don’t respond to non-factual allegations & political statements.

Is there any Involvement with ACJU?

There is no involvement of ACJU with the operations of HAC but ACJU has endorsed us.

How can one identify the certified products?

As many companies are in the transition process of certification from HAC, we are constantly updating list of certified clients including certain new entrants to the market. A complete list will be made available in our website shortly

Why is the HAC logo not seen in the Market?

The usage of the logo is optional for our certified clients and it is at their prerogative to either print a logo or not.

How can private company entity issue Halal Certification?

We have appointed arguably some of the most competent, qualified, experienced Religious Scholars (Aalims) and Technical Experts available in the country to guide us on the definition, development and implementation of the standards aspect of this certification while the administration is carried out by a set of highly skilled professionals.

How different are the process from what is carried out by ACJU?

While HAC has adopted majority of ACJU’s processes, we have improved certain areas to further facilitate customer requirements

Who are We?

Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited is a duly incorporated company limited by guarantee is the sole entity which manages the audit and certification process of halal standards compliance in Sri Lanka. The company is founded by a group of reputed and respected Sri Lankan professionals who have excelled in various industries and areas of specialization.