Suspended / Withdrawn companies



Date of Withdrawn Name of the Establishment  Reason for Withdrawal
30/06/2014 A.M.K Food Exports (Pvt) Ltd. Clients’ request
18/07/2014 Winsland Farms (Pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
13/01/2015 ASC Holdings Japan Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
13/01/2015 Shaw Wallace Ceylon Ltd Clients’ request
08/08/2015 Pettah Essence Suppliers Non-Conformity
08/08/2015 SunAgro Foods Limited Non-Conformity
19/02/2015 Madampe Mills (pvt) Ltd. Clients’ request
03/02/2016 Snacka Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
01/04/2016 Greenfield-Bio Plantation Clients’ request
20/03/2017 Crown Biscuit Company (Pvt) Ltd Non-Conformity
02/05/2017 FKCI Asia (Pvt) Ltd/ Honex Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Non Compliance
30/06/2017 Tropical Green (Pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
25/10/2017 Abeymarine (Pvt) Ltd Non-Conformity
13/11/2017 Thakwa Grinding Mills Clients’ request
26/10/2017 Alpha Tea Exports (pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
06/12/2017 E.I.& M Private Limited (Edna) Non Compliance
06/12/2017 T.S.M Coco Products Pvt Ltd Clients’ request
21/12/2017 Spicing Lives (Pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
21/12/2017 Virgin Oil International (Pvt) Ltd Clients’ request
08/01/2018 Godakanda Herbals (Pvt) Ltd Non-Conformity


Date Suspended Name of the Establishment  Description