• Processed Meat (Sausages etc.)
  • Beef Based
  • Chicken Based
  • Fish Based
  • Duck Based
  • Lamb Based
  • Turkey Based
  • Mutton Based
  • Other
  • Sambols
  • Sauces, Jams, Pickles etc.
  • Spice Paste
  • Pre Cooked Curries
  • Chinese Rolls
  • Toppings
  • Sausages
Beef Bacon
Beef Bockwurst
Beef Breakfast Sausages
Beef Burger
Beef Fillet
Beef Ham
Beef Lingus
Beef Meat Balls
Beef Salami
Beef Sausages
Beef Strip Loin
Beef Top Side
Buffalo Wing
Minced Beef
Raw Beef Burger
Smoked Beef Wrapped in Black Pepper
Chicken Bacon
Chicken Batta Packs
Chicken Bockwurst
Chicken Breakfast Sausages
Chicken Burger
Chicken Catering Sausages
Chicken Crispy Slice
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken Frankfurter
Chicken Garlic Sausages
Chicken Ham Roll
Chicken Ham
Chicken Hotdog
Chicken Kieves with cheese sauce.
Chicken Lingus
Chicken Liver Pate
Chicken Meat Balls
Chicken Mortedella
Chicken Mushroom Lyoner
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Pimentos
Chicken Premium Sausages
Chicken Roll Sandwich
Chicken Roll
Chicken Salami
Chicken Sausages
Herbs Chicken Breast
Mass Chicken Sausages
Minced Chicken
Raw Chicken Burger
Roast Chicken Breast
Smoked Chicken Breast
Smoked Full Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken
Spicy Chicken Breast
Spicy Chicken Topping
Tandoori Chicken Breast
Thandoori Chicken Topping
Fish Balls
Fish Burger
Fish Fingers
Fish Sausages
Keema Mutton Topping
Mutton Cubes
Mutton Sausages
Chicken Chinese Roll
Crumbed Vegetable Burger Patty
Ginger Sausages
Seeni Sambol
Chicken Mac burger Junior
Signature Sausages.
Sri Lankan Spicy Sausages.
White Farmers Sausages
Corned Mutton
Kochchi bite
Chicken Teriyaki Topping
Sea Food Hawaiian Topping
Deviled Chicken Topping
Chicken Kalupol Sausages
Vegetable Burger
Chicken Kochchi Sausages
Smoke Chicken Gammon
Fish Bun Filler
Smoke Chicken Topping
Beef Motadella
Crumb Fish burger
Yought Frank
Curry Chicken Topping
Devil Chicken
Fish Cake
Chicken Kochchi Sausages Meat
B.B.Q Sauce
Burger Style
Cheese & Onion Sausage
Chilli Paste
Coriander Sausage
Curry For Rice
Dhal Curry
French Fries
Garlic Butter
Ginger Sausage
Hotdog Sauce
Lemon Grass with Sweet Chili
Onion Sausage
Red Bratwurst
Smoked Whole Duck
Cordon Bleu
Chicken Strips
Roast Turkey
Turkey Ham
Turkey Sausages
Beef For Cubing
Beef Lingus Breakfast
Beef Pastrami
Beef Pepperoni
Cheese & Onion Bockwurst
Cheese & Onion Burger
Chicken Chorizos
Chicken Curry Pieces
Herbs Full Chicken
Chicken Jumbo Hotdog
Kochchi Sausage with Cheese
Chicken Loop Cocktail
Mushroom Lyoner
Chicken Garlic Bockwurst
Chicken Garlic Breakfast
Chicken Kochchi Bockwurst
Chicken Lingus Breakfast
Chicken Meat Loaf
Chicken Paprika Mortadella
Chicken pepper Lyoner
Chicken Rasher
Chicken Sathe
Chicken Sausage Cocktail
Chicken Sausage Meat
Chicken Tandoori Stick
Chicken Thigh
Breaded Chicken Spicy Thigh
Breaded Chicken Drumlet
Breaded Chicken 8 Cut
Breaded Chicken Lolypop
B.B.Q Chicken Wings
Fish Cutlet
Smoked Sheer Fish
Minced Mutton
Mutton Meat Balls
Lamb Sausages
Lamb Shoulder Chops
B.B.Q. Chicken Topping
Fish Chinese Roll
Fish Curry
Hong Kong Topping
Mac Curry
MC Deviled Sauce
Pizza Chicken Bacon Topping
Potato Kieves
Vegetable Chinese Roll
Breaded chicken strips
Breaded Chicken Wings
Breaded fish strips
Butter chicken
Fajitha chicken
Fish devilled topping
Garlic Prawn Topping
Marinated panner
Mexican chicken
Tikka gravy
potato croquette
Mini kiwis